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SMARTWEBE was derives from three words: Smart, Web & E (eSolutions). It’s pronounces as “Smart Way Bay”. SmartWebe is the smartest way to create a responsive and interactive website, no matter it’s new or existing website.

Let’s see how SmartWebe can transform your website to a responsive & interactive online machine …

App Developer Website

The interactive Cost Estimator will help your website visitors to quickly estimate the cost to hire you.

As example: if you are a web developer, you just have to tell us your cost formula & we will create a cost estimator which can quickly estimate the cost to make a website or mobile app.

Recommended to any industry that charges the fee based on time, ie: software developer, lawyer, artist, psychologist, instructor, trainer etc.

Cost Estimator Example

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Interactive Quiz

Interactive quizzes are a great way to make your website contents go viral. The fact is that, yes people love to share cat pics, funny memes and interactive contents (ie: quizzes about Trendy Fashion, Best Foods etc).

Any business can use quizzes to generate brand awareness or to drive engagement around specific content. Recommended to product manufacturers, chain stores, fashion outlets, product distributors etc.

Cost Interactive Quiz

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Giveaway Contest

Everyone loves getting something for free. In fact, one of the main reasons that people “Like” a brand on Facebook page is either to obtain a discount or win something. A simple giveaway or contest can help you grow your business quickly and for relatively low cost.

Our SmartWebe Giveaway Contest is based on a well-known KingSumo Giveaway (the same technology that grow their email subscribers to 700,000 within a year).

Giveaway Rewards Example

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Online Surveys & Polls

Reach & engage with your website visitors with our SmartWebe Online Surveys & Polls. Our solutions can help you to understand and get public opinion about a product or service, get the results then make better decisions.

This can be an added advantage for companies who are looking to expand into a new market and who would like to test public reaction to their product first.

Online Surveys & Polls Example


Shoppable Picture

SmartWebe Shoppable Picture will add multiple clickable hotspots (links) on a website picture. Let’s get over those boring checkout process, remove the extra step and sell right away through the picture.

This solution will take customers from picture to checkout in just one click. Don’t miss out on your chance to convert more customers and improve the online shopping experience. Do you believe in “A Picture is worth a Thousand Sales“?

Shoppable Picture Example

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SmartWebe Talking Website

Tired of reading? Click a button, jump on your bed, and have the website contents read aloud to you. Does this sound amazing? Introducing Text-To-Speech solution – SmartWebe Talking Website!

SmartWebe Talking Website is based on SpeakEZ technology which powered thousands of websites worldwide. It can make life easier for your visitors by allowing them to listen to your page instead of reading it.

Talking Website Example


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